YOUr #1 growth blocker is...


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Your Growth Blocker In A Nutshell...

You tend to hide in the shadows just like a certain dark knight. 

Only a select few know who you are, what you're capable of, and what you've gone through to perfect your craft.

A few others know how to find you if they really need to, but even they aren't 100% sure when to call you.

But most people either don't know you exist, can't remember what you do, or have no idea how to find you if they need you.

Stop Waiting 
For Someone Else to Say You're "Good Enough"

There are so many reasons to think you're not ready to own that title of "Expert" — but deep down, you took this test because you already know you are.

You're here with me right now because a part of you already knows that you're good enough and you're just looking for a little more validation.

Well — you've got it! I know you're an expert at what you do, so let's figure out how to make sure your future raving fans know it too.

What You Need To Focus On Now

Based on the very limited information you provided in the assessment, I would suggest that you start working on adding the following items...

Podcast Guesting

You need more people to know you exist. So you should be seeking out more chances to be a guest on podcast.

Personal Website

You need to have a place online where people can read your story and learn why you're awesome.

Be More Social

Pick at least one social media channel and start showing up. Comment, post, etc - just start engaging regularly.

Email Newsletter

Start a weekly email newsletter and add a page to your website where people can sign up for it and see what they'll get.


You need to work on getting more testimonials from your ideal clients that showcase your top services.

Clearer Messaging

Narrow your marketing to target a specific group with a specific solution even if you don't fully niche down.

Write Your Book

You need to work on getting a short book published. It can be just 100 pages, but it needs to show your expertise.

Start Teaching

Create at least 1 value-packed 30-min signature talk that you can deliver in person or online to generate leads.

Build Your Village

You need a network of referral partners and mentors that can help you grow your business faster and reliably.

Christina hooper

Being an expert in your industry is the simply the fastest and easiest way to scale your business — you need to be intentional about making that happen instead of waiting on someone else to crown you "good enough".

the proof

Other Experts Know This Works

While different marketing tactics including social media and direct mail have come and gone, stages have been around for over 2000 years, from Socrates to JFK to Ted Talks… AND they are simply the FASTEST and MOST PREDICTABLE way to grow your business.

Pete Vargas

We've taken clients from 6-figure years to 6-figure months just by leveraging the power of social media to connect with the right types of customers.

Rachel Pedersen

Marketing is not a game of hide and seek. It is a mission to be as obvious and noticeable as a lighthouse. Don’t hope to be found. Demand people see you. You’re the beacon of the best choice in the fog of mediocrity.

Mike Michalowicz

The fastest way to take action is to pick one mentor to follow and go all in on what they're teaching and learn how to do it better. I did that with Jeff Walker and his Product Launch Formula and it changed my business and my life in so many way and all of them good.

Ryan Levesque

People do not follow the best leaders. They follow the ones they can understand the easiest.

Donald Miller

Steve Scott, a friend of mine, consistently makes $30–60K in passive income each month from his books, so there’s definitely a way to make a living off of only book revenue if that’s your goal. Self-published authors are currently making more than the big 5 published authors combined!

Chandler Bolt

I want to be an authority in my space, but I need help!!

Christina Hooper

Turning Your Superpowers Into Sales

Why Do Theses Results Matter?

Because with this information you are on your way to building a business that enables your lifestyle instead of taking over your life.

Hi - I’m Christina Hooper, and I created this assessment to help you uncover what's holding you back from loving your business and spending your days doing the things that make you happy.

For the last two decades, as I’ve helped literally hundreds of people take action to grow their business, I noticed there were 4 main types of entrepreneurial experts.

And that led me down the path of creating this assessment, so you can get instant clarity about YOUR expert type and leverage that knowledge to break down barriers and scale the way you want.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

If anything I've shared with you in your results made you think "it's time to do something..." then I want to extend a couple of invitations to you for how I can help you turn your superpowers into sales.

1) Superpowers Into Sales Mastermind

This is a small group training and coaching cohort designed specifically for entrepreneurs that are trying to level up their expertise and check off the things on your checklist above.

2) Superpowers Into Sales Strategy Sessions

This is a one-on-one coaching program where I dig deep and work with you directly to set goals, get things done, and fast-track your progress to leveling up your expertise.

Fill out the form let me know what you're interested in learning more about. We'll schedule a call and talk about where you are now, where you want to go, and choose the right plan for your needs at this time.